RJHS Carline Map
10 months ago, Keshia Douglas
RJHS Carline Map
Bearkits, if you have not voted for our 24-25 RJHS theme please make sure you do so by tomorrow! Our theme will be used to design our PTO sponsored dri-fit short sleeve shirt that can be worn daily . Order details will be sent out in July:) kd -----> https://forms.gle/Qw2i7vBSWGnUC53L8
12 days ago, Keshia Douglas
2024-2025 SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST------->https://5il.co/2oejw
12 days ago, Keshia Douglas
It's that time! This is RJHS, to order 2024-2025 official RJHS School T-Shirt's and Sweatshirts follow this link https://2024rjhsschoolapparel.itemorder.com/shop/home/ These orders will be available for pick up at RJHS PREP DAY on Tuesday, August 6th from 3 pm to 6 pm
20 days ago, Holly Payton
2024-2025 RJHS Athletic PE Requirements
about 1 month ago, Holly Payton
Summer Workouts
RJHS Athletics Summer Workout Calendar 2024 Requirements
about 1 month ago, Holly Payton
RJHS Athletic Summer Workout Calendar 2024
Week 4.3------->https://5il.co/2ii45
2 months ago, Keshia Douglas
5 MORE DAYS!!!!! We got this :) -------> https://5il.co/2gpxs
3 months ago, Keshia Douglas
10 more days until Spring Break!!! Have a great week 3.8----->https://5il.co/2gbbr Don't forget the 9 weeks ends next FRIDAY. Get all "00" makeup work taken care of ASAP!
4 months ago, Keshia Douglas
Let's have a great Week 3.3------>https://5il.co/2e6cr :) kd
5 months ago, Keshia Douglas
I hope your Thanksgiving Break was great! We will return to school tomorrow :) Have a great week! kd----->https://5il.co/29jp5
7 months ago, Keshia Douglas
Week 2.3 Have a great Thanksgiving :) kd ------> https://5il.co/28tqj
7 months ago, Keshia Douglas
Have a great week 2.2-------> https://5il.co/28ehx * reminder Tuesday, November 7th is a virtual day for students.
8 months ago, Keshia Douglas
INNOVATIVE TESTING TOMORROW! Students please make sure to charge your CBs tonight. Report cards will be issued Thursday.---------->https://5il.co/27ynm :)kd
8 months ago, Keshia Douglas
This Friday marks the end of the first 9 weeks! Please be sure to turn in all missing work. Keep working hard to meet those ZEARN Goals :) Have a great week 1.9!-------> https://5il.co/27jjk
8 months ago, Keshia Douglas
Parents, please take time to complete the RJHS SCHOOL BUS LOCATOR ----->https://lpgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=ee6166953fc2488cbb27684bc5693f21 . Bus stops have been created and you will need to complete this form in order to know where your bus stop is located. kd
11 months ago, Keshia Douglas
2023-2024 School Supply List
12 months ago, Keshia Douglas
School Supply List
Let's support our 2023-2024 RJHS PTO by purchasing a "We R Ruston" dri-fit option! This shirt can be worn daily. https://www.lockerroomruston.com/rjhs
12 months ago, Keshia Douglas
1st T-Shirt Window has opened up. This window will be open from June 12 through July 18. Items ordered in this window will be available for pickup at Prep Day on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 between 3-6pm. https://bearkitsapparel.itemorder.com/
about 1 year ago, Holly Payton
Good morning, Please take time to complete the linked survey. We welcome and value your feedback! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccilr3F5qdQJHh-3pSkGU5hIx8gFh19haFCWGw_BV8_Wv80w/viewform?usp=pp_url
about 1 year ago, Keshia Douglas