School Supplies

2022-2023 RJHS General School Supply List


We will have a binder and a chromebook available for your student to check out when school starts.  Both items will be returned at the end of the school year, or if you move to another school, these items must be returned to RJHS.  


The following items should continually be kept in the student’s binder for personal use: 

1.   Pencil Pouch 

2.   Personal Pencil Sharpener, that holds shavings

3.   Pencils

4.   Color pencils 

5.   Ink Pens 

6.   Highlighter 4 different colors 

7.   Two Dry erase markers 

8.   Cap erasers  

9.   Loose leaf paper

10. Personal earbuds


***It is suggested that 8th grade students have a TI - 30XIIS Scientific Calculator to keep at home for home use (homework and studying). This can also continue to be used when your student attends high school.


This is only a general list and it does not include electives.