Sheila Nugent

Sheila Nugent, 5 days ago

Dear Parents,
On October 5-7, virtual students will have the opportunity to return to face-to-face instruction.
Virtual Kindergarten returns on Oct. 5
Virtual First grade returns on Oct. 6.
Virtual Second grade returns on Oct.7.

If virtual students would like to return on that date, they may do so. If a virtual student does not return by October 7, then it will be January 11th before that student can return. We will continue following strict protocols for sanitation and social distancing. Our students and teachers at GVE have been doing an amazing job with all that's being asked of them during these unprecedented times. Thank you for your continued support of Glen View Elementary!

Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, 5 days ago

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) Program | Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services

Louisiana Reopens 2019-2020 P-EBT Application for Families Who Did Not Apply in May and June Families Who Received P-EBT during the May-June Application Period are NOT Eligible The P-EBT program provides help buying groceries for the families of children who were receiving free and reduced-price meals at school last school year. These one-time benefits are $285 per eligible child. This covers 50 school days missed from statewide school closures during the pandemic. Some parents became eligible for free and reduced lunch in May 2020. They would receive $91.20 per eligible child, which covers the cost of meals for 16 school days in May. The initial PEBT application period closed on June 15, 2020, and served 407,800 children. This second application period is aimed at the 264,111 children who qualified but did not receive PEBT the first time.

All students in LP are eligible for free breakfast and lunch during school days until December 31, 2020 or money runs out.

Sheila Nugent

Sheila Nugent, 12 days ago

Dear parents of students who ride the bus:
Our bus drivers are having problems with some students not wearing masks in the mornings when they get on the bus. All students who ride the bus MUST wear masks when on the bus. They must also remain on the seat to which they are assigned. These are state requirements that must be followed.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in students being suspended from the bus. Please help us out by making sure that your child has a mask to wear. Also, please speak to your child about keeping the mask on at all times while on the bus and about staying in his/her assigned seat. Thank you for helping us with this, Gator Family!
Dr. Nugent 🙂

Sheila Nugent

Sheila Nugent, 16 days ago

Parents of car riders:
Please be reminded that you are unable to make a left turn from Bittersweet onto Dixie St. to go into our car line drop off/pickup area. Only right turns are allowed. This means that you must access Bittersweet from Ashland St. in order to get into our car line. Thanks for your help with this!