information concerning live instruction and pure virtual instruction. ALL students who choose to remain pure virtual will not have the option of returning to live instruction until January 11, 2021.


In Person Students:

Everything will remain the same.

 Virtual Students:

Virtual instruction with your child’s teacher will end on Friday, October 9th. On October 15th and 16th, your child will be contacted, via Lincoln Parish email, by a teacher from another school. The purpose of this communication will be for your child to accept a google classroom invitation. Your child still belongs to Simsboro but the instruction will come from a different teacher(s). All correspondence should be directed to your new teacher.

 3rd – 5th

In Person Students:

Everything will remain the same.

 Virtual Students:

Everything will remain the same with online instruction with the exception of the amount of time the teacher can offer office hours. Students and parents can still email their teacher with any questions; however, there will be very limited time and days for individual meetings.

 6th – 12th

In Person Students:

Beginning on Monday, October 19, 2020, we will no longer have an A/B schedule for grades 7-12. Students who attend live instruction will attend every day.

 Virtual Students:

Students who remain pure virtual will use the online platform called Edgenuity. Students will be able to access this platform on their Chromebooks. Students will also still be able to email their

teachers with questions as well as continue to have “zoom” or “google meets” with their teachers weekly. Students will still need to join the Google Classes for ALL scheduled classes. The following classes will be offered via Edgenuity:

  • 6th Grade: ELA 6, Math 6, Science 6, Social Studies 6, IBCA, PE
  • 7th Grade:  ELA 7, Math 7, Science 7, Social Studies 7, IBCA, PE
  • 8th Grade:  ELA 8, Math 8, Science 8, Social Studies 8, Health, PE
  • High School: 
    • English I, II, III, IV; Business English, Technical Writing
    • Civics, World Geography, US History, World History
    • Chemistry, Biology
    • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Financial Math, Math Essentials
    • Family and Consumer Sciences I, Nutrition, Child Development
    • Spanish I and Spanish II. French I and II
    • Career Success Skills, Principles of Business, IBCA, Health, PE

 The remainder of all other SHS courses will remain on the

Google Classroom platform.  

 Classes NOT available on Edgenuity include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Math (dual enrollment)
  • English IV (dual enrollment)
  • Chemistry II
  • All Agriscience (AG) classes
  • Engineering

 For any technical/computer issues, please email Mrs. Locke: with a detailed description of the issue.

 The last page of this document contains instructions for the virtual students in grades 6-12 and how to get started with Edgenuity.

 If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.



Rusty Farrar

6-12 Students Using Edgenuity

 Getting Started on Edgenuity


First, go to the following website to watch an orientation video:


Second, go to in order to log in and access your courses:

Student Edgenuity logins will be sent individually to virtual students. Student passwords will all be: Tigers1.


Edgenuity will automatically grade the majority of your work. Your classroom teacher will grade essays and writing assignments. The courses are set up for one 9 weeks at a time.  For the Second 9 weeks you will need to complete all assignments and your grade will be the grade you earned on Edgenuity. If you choose to continue Edgenuity for the Third 9 weeks, a class will be designed for you.  

 You should work daily on Edgenuity. There will not be specific assignments or lessons due daily. Your attendance and time spent actively working on assignments are monitored and recorded by Edgenuity. This will be used to record your attendance. You cannot just login to the program and be counted present for the day. To be counted present you MUST login and work. Students that do not login and complete assignments daily, will be turned into the truancy office. All assignments must be completed by the end of the 9 weeks unless you are told otherwise. If you wait until the end of the 9 weeks to try to complete your work, you will not have enough time.

 Courses will be added to students who choose to remain pure virtual. If your student thinks one of the courses listed above has been left of his/her Edgenuity, please email Mrs. Locke. Remember that not all courses are available on Edgenuity. Please continue to check ALL of your Google Classes for information from your teachers.

 We hope the change to Edgenuity will give many of you the detailed instruction and practice you were looking for in a virtual setting.